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off this icy runway. at least 11 cities from raleigh to atlanta, to chicago to seattle will have delays. roads are also a mess. icy conditions cause major accidents. >> we can't respond as efficiently as we would, you know, in the summertime. it does pose some obstacles. >> reporter: newark officials got an assist by the mayor, cory booker who moonlights as a superhero. last year, he saved a woman from a fire. this time, he saved a dog in the cold. there's a bit of good news for frozen americans, milder weather is forecast to return to the midwest, south and northeast next week. although, it may be brief. tahman bradley, abc news. >>> and before we get the mild break that tahman just mentioned, 15 states are bratsing for a messy and icy commute. >> for the latest, we turn, now, to accuweather meteorologist, jim dickey. >> another brutally cold morning on tap. minus 16 in burlington. minus 5 in portland. down to 1 in syracuse. we're talking a weak area of low pressure. that's going to bring snow from the ohio valley toward the eastern seaboard, with an icy mix. places like raleigh
on any elevated surfaces throughout the afternoon. that includes atlanta. so deicing will also cause significant delays. everywhere in white has a chance for some snow. advisory level snow usually means about 1 to 3 inches. on the radar, it's a very wide system, but not strong. not going to be heavy amounts of snow. but the snow will start soon in chicago, snowing in many areas from milwaukee to green bay. and then all of this heads east during the day today. again, not blockbuster snow amounts. at most we're talking in the appalachians possibly 3 to 5 inch, but most areas from philadelphia southwards town through virginia back through ohio, you'll be dealing with the possibility of again 1 to 2 fluffy inches of snow. the weekend forecast looks a lot quieter and also begins to do that warm up. i'll give you that forecast a little later. >>> up next, medical science realizes star trek tractor beams. plus layoffs ahead for the airlines. why are the brits blowing up these trains? well, the answer may surprise you. and what to watch for on wall street this final friday in the month of ja
of north carolina. then we'll deal with icy problems. freezing rain. atlanta north, especially north georgia, mountains are going to get it good. and watch out there, north of memphis, nashville, too, depending on how warm your temperatures get now it's just beginning and you can see how widespread it is. the white is the snow. again, a lot of light snow. heading for chicago during the morning rush hour. could pick up an inch or two of fluffy snow. there's that ice and the pink shading is where we're getting freezing rain over kentucky. again, very light now but more intense throughout the day. how much snow? this is not a blockbuster event. in most cases, no shoveling or plowing will be needed. for the most part, one or two inches, the higher totals, some of the areas of west virginia, we may get enhancement from richmond to norfolk, to virginia beach. looks like mostly a miss for all of new england, from d.c., to the south, one or two inches later today. again, that's later today. for the daylight hours, chicago all way through the ohio valley. the forecast again, travel concerns,
desplaza desde el oeste de tennessee hasta atlanta. y en detroit, oeste de nueva york, oeste de virginia, pudieran experimentar varios u acumulados. y fuertes lluvias, bastante nubosidad durante las prÓximas 36 horas. y fuera de eso nubosidad en el norte del paÍs, nieve sobre las dakotas, y continuamos con esta masa que se ha desplazado hasta el sur del paÍs. nuevamente avisos y alertas, condiciones estables para el medio atlÁntico, ustedes en atlanta condiciones heladas, en la costa oeste experimentamos fuertes lluvias y nieve sobre los montaÑas. la temperatura mÍnima para esta noche, luego de alcanzar mÁxima en 69 grados tenemos 11 grados bajo cero, chicago tambiÉn experimentaran estas temperaturas. y se desplaza al nones reste. nueva york una mÍnima de 13 grados. y quiero recordar las condiciones del tiempo que pueden entrar a u videos las cosas que estoy haciendo aquÍ en los Ángeles. tambiÉn me puede escribir en>>>mauricio pedroza: twitter a jackie guerrido. >>> gracias. >>> le dieron el alta a una bebe que naciÓ con parte de su corazÓn fuera del pecho. y aunque recib
of our cbs miami station wfor is following the cold track. >>> in atlanta we may start with freezing rain, but by this afternoon we're looking at a high of 48. that's all going to change over to liquid. if we travel north of there through the carolinas into the atlantic, d.c., as far north as philadelphia, light to moderate snow is expected today. mainly one to two inches in most spots. this is not going to be major storm and is going to move out by the evening hours. highs in the mid-20s from new york to boston. cleveland after some morning snows will see an afternoon high temperature of 20 degrees. across the midwest it stays cold. and chicago at 29. 16 in minneapolis. dry across the plains. and out west it's still raining. in fact, another rainy day in los angeles, and that rain extends all the way along the coast to portland and seattle. so, again, light snows in the east, but, again, that's probably not going to be a major storm and will end by this evening. i'm david bernard for the cbs news in miami. >>> the senate is expected to vote monday on a $50.50 bi
the buzzer. the raptors edged the atlanta magic 97-95. >>> at the australian open tennis, top ranked novak djokovic cruised to a win against spain's david ferrer. djokovic moves on to sunday's finals. >>> well, a judge in new orleans says the city must scale back for what's called a clean zone around the super dome for super bowl week. there's restrictions on banner flags and signs around the dome but not in other areas of new orleans. a spectacular snow mobile wipe out on the first day of the x games. he crashed his sled during a backward attempt in the free style. that was the finals. fortunately he was able to walk away from that. >>> and a strange object was seen at the pga farmers insurance open at torrey pines in southern california. was it a bird, a plane, superman? well, it was in fact a large superman image on a glider promoting a new golf shoe. >> "early today" sports brought to you by just for men autostop. gray is over. >>> well, entertainment news is just ahead, including a possibility of lance armstrong on "dancing with the stars"? plus, a teen vandalized a 93-year-old word w
tuvieron que cerrar el aeropuerto. otras 7 ciudades deste ra raleÍg hasta atlanta reportan retrasos. lo mÁs difÍcil fueron dias prolongados que ha durado. por ahora se ve lejado el alivio. blanca rosa vilchez, univisiÓn. >>> la ciudad de chicago por toda la fama se vistiÓ de blanco por primera vez en 335 dÍas, la acumulaciÓn llego a una pulgada, se despacharon equipos para evitar congestiones. la policÍa arrestÓ a un segundo sospechoso que generÓ un tiroteo, hoy arrestaron a un hombre que tiene 22 aÑos. se produjo a 250 millas en un suburbio de dallas, el primer sospechoso comparecera ante una corte este lunes. los salvadoreÑos podrÁn escogar a su prÓximo presidente. el gobierno de venezuela quiere demandar al diario espaÑol el paÍs por publicar una foto falsa. y compran por mÁs de 18 mil dÓlares una foto de la princesa diana tomada hace 32 aÑos. ♪ ♪ >>> bueno, los mexicanos saben que la policÍa lee los derechos que tiene un detenido, pero solo cuando ven las pelÍculas, ahora se dijo que se distribuyo a la policÍa una cartila al estilo de los derechos miranda aquÍ e
an airport check point down in atlanta. >>> yes. we are about three days away from the ravens stepping on to that plane and heading down to new orleans for the big game. >> the team is laser focus hood while players continue to practice, some of the coaches and staff step n. front of the mike to talk about how they're getting red by for the super bowl. they said they're not dining things very differently this time around. >> the way the team has responded to john and his coaching leerld -- leadership, how he asked them to practice, how he wants them to prepare, i think that has been very similar to 2000. >> he said reed still has a lot of football to play but if he wants to stay with the team in a coaching capacity when he's done, they'll find a place for him. >> we hope to see you in new orleans. we are teaming up with the st. bernard project in new orleans to rebuild two homes for people still being affected by hurricane katrina. >> while we're down there we still want it do some good and hopefully show the community of new orleans what we're about. >> we need your help to make this
family. early in the day the younger brother had led the 49ers to a win in atlanta. because of travel he didn't have the means to watch his older brother john's ravens upset the patriots in new england. during the game he phoned a friend, his father. now jack harbaugh tells the rest of the story. >> about the middle ever the 3rd quarter, jim calls from the airport. he didn't talk about his game or what did you think of that. tell me what's going on with john. tell me what's going on with john. i said, i'm watching it right now. there's a fumble. the ravens have recovered. what happened now? it's a touchdown pass. we're up by two scores. jim is going wow, do you realize what this is setting up? i said, i think i do. >> it's setting up the har because bowl -- harbaugh bowl. tiger woods had himself a day. look at this action. he nearly spins it back for an eagle. his final hole of the day, trying to reach it in two. even through the raindrops, no problem for tiger. he would miss the eagle again but settle for another easy bydy. he's the clubhouse leader through two rounds. >>> trent william
el oeste de tennessee, y atlanta, va a generar acumulados de nieve, nieve que se va a desplazar al noreste, en detroit, cincinnati y oeste de nueva york, al oeste de virginia, philadelphia con amumulados, y otro centro de baja presiÓn en california, que desata fuertes lluvias. bastante nubosidad en prÓximas 36 horas para nosotros, tal vez veamos una mejorÍa para el domingo, fuera de eso, nubosidad en el norte del paÍs, nieve nuevamente en las dakotas y vamos a continuar con la masa de aire muy poderosa del Ártico que se desplazÓ al sur del paÍs, avisos y alertas, tenemos condicprie mucho mÁs estables, para el medio atlÁntico, en atlanta, condiciones heladas nuevamente nosotros aquÍ en la costa oeste, vamos a experimentar actividad de fuertes lluvias, y nievese en montaÑas. asÍ que bueno, la temperatura mÍnima para esta noche, nuevamente seÑores, luego de alcanzar una mÁxima, los angeles 69 grados, tenemos once grados bajo cero. chicago ustedes tambiÉn experimentarÁn nieve, la mas fuerte esta noche, al amanecer del viernes, se desplaza al noreste, y nueva york con m
is at the department of transportation in atlanta with a look at how they are gearing up for this winter storm. denise. >> not sure denise can hear us. we will try to check back in with her. snow and ice expected to come across in large portions. >> including the state of north carolina. >> 18 minutes after the hour. coming up is the chapel for soldiers in afghanistan. why is the army being ordered to remove the crosses from the chapel of all places. >> did you notice a lot of missing money from your paycheck this past week? every american has taken a hit thanks to tax hikes. that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice savings. personal finances expert vera gibbons explains next. i have low testosterone. there, i said it. how did i know? well, i didn't really. see, i figured low testosterone would decrease my sex drive... but when i started losing energy and became moody... that's when i had an honest conversation with my doctor. we discussed all the symptoms... then he gave me some blood tests. showed it was low t. that's it. it was a number -- not just me. [ male announcer ] today, men with low t have a
as well as winter weather conditions extending from atlanta. we may dodge a bullet for atlanta, but extending on up through charlotte all the way up into the delmarva peninsula, that's where you're looking at the bitterly cold temperatures. ashleigh, as you said, very dangerous conditions here. at least we weren't looking at a widespread event across the southeast. >> it's wide enough. >> yes. >> it hit everybody except for folk -- hey, by the way, i want to tell you when we had our meeting this morning and we were all griping about how cold it was and how we had to dress like snow princesses, we found a place in russia. apparently we should not be complaining because the 500 or so residents on a regular basis have minus 60 as their temperature and it can get as cold as 108. so i just want to make sure people know that elsewhere gas prices can be higher and it can be a lot colder. and also the murder rate goes down in a lot of places. new york hasn't had a murder in seven days. so there's also an upside to this this story. >> strange as it may seem. i saw that as well. in the a
ohio to indiana and the northeast. freezing rain from nashville to atlanta. rain from l.a. to phoenix. rain and mountain snow in the pacific northwest. >> 40s in the northwest. 2 below zero in fargo. 20s from chicago into the northeast. >>> it was a hollywood ending to a small dog's ordeal. ironically enough in l.a. rescuers set up an elaborate zip line system to get a small dog from an island in l.a.'s macarthur park back to land. >> they don't know how it got there or who owns the dog, because it doesn't have a microchip and the team said they wanted to keep the dog out of the water because it was shivering in the rain. it will be put up for adoption if the owner doesn't come forward. cute little dog. >> lucky pup. >> that's why those microchips are so important. >>> coming up later, the fairy tale that is a scary tale coming up in "insomniac theater." >> and banning welfare recipients from playing the lottery? whose idea is this and why? you're watching "world news now." have given way to sleeping. tossing and turning where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta®(esz
juego contra los halcones de atlanta el domingo pasado. . blanca ---aunque en el proximo super tazon habra un entrenador que resultara el ganador, lo cierto es que para la familia del entrenador de los 49'ers jim harbaugh, no hay equipo favorito. take vo ---y es que ....hoy, los padres de jim y de su hermano john, quien es entrenador de los ravens de baltimore, dijeron ser neutros en cuanto a la disputa de la final de futbol americano porque ellos saben que uno de sus hijos sera campeon aunque la madre dijo que quisiera que el partido terminara en un empate. ---esta sera la primera ocasion en la historia de la liga que 2 hermanos se disputan el titulo. cesar ---atencion comunidad salvadoreÑa... los diputados de la asamblea legislativa del pais centroameric ano aprobaron que los salvadoreÑos que viven en el exterior puedan votar en las elecciones presidenciales de 2014... take vo ---la ley contempla que los interesados en emitir el voto en el exterior debern llenar un formulario en los consulados de estados unidos y canad, y desde el salvador le ser enviada la papeleta en un sobre s
. >> and with the great attitude. >> that's right. >> alexandra steel is at the weather senter in atlanta. good morning you to. >> good morning to you. all right, jennifer is out, the temperature is 30. the wind chill, what it feels like for her is 24 degrees. i want to show you the big picture. there are mitigating factors with this storm. there is a lot of dry air. you can see chicago has not seen one inch of snow since february 24th all last year. so in the last almost 11 months they have not seen an inch of snow. will they pull out an inch with this? i don't know if they're going to. mitigating factors for this being a big winter storm, one, a lot of dry air. also what is happening is the gulf isn't open so there is no moisture coming in to enhance any rain or snow or freezing rain. so that being said, i don't think this is going to be a blockbuster. here's nashville where jennifer is. you can see barely any ice coming through. and you can see it's very dry. so even what we are looking at is called virga. it's falling from the sky. the atmosphere at the surface is so dry, nothing is coming to the g
opened in metro atlanta but they are popping up across the country. >>> a beverage company in new york has gained a ally in the fight against the city's soda ban. which is due to be in effect in march. it's the nation's oldest civil rights group and the york chapter of the naacp is backing a lawsuit filed to try to stop the city. >> it's not about race. it's about economics and prosperity and how the small business is being punished while we are allowing the big corporate people again to have their own way. >> stores like 7 eleven is exempt and the naacp developed a health and wealth initiative encouraging healthy eating and exercise. the funding for the project comes from the coca cola foundation. >>> it could be a diet killer. those late night snacks. >> yeah. but if you dive into a bag of chips or get cereal hang on because experts has suggestions. >> it happens every year a winter dip in the chesapeake bay. we will see what's different this year about the polar bear plunge. i don't know maybe the fact that it's minus 40 outside. >> all right. as we head to break you are looking at
, including the so-called assault weapon used by the newtown, connecticut, shooter, atlanta. the senators placed the blame not on that young man with serious mental illness was left untreated, but rather on gun laws. >> weaken gun laws allow these mass killings to be carried out again and again. weapons designed originally for the military to kill large numbers of people are replicated for civil unions. lou: after four days of non-relativity from the president dispatched his vice president for a not so successful joe biden fireside chat made famous by fdr. not so successful because vice president biden undercut it with his own call for shotguns and more modest magazines. >> a shotgun will keep you a lot safer. a double barrel shotgun than an assault weapon in someone's hands. even when he does know how to use it, it's harder to use an assault weapon as it is a shotgun i am less concerned about what you call an assault weapon. lou: president obama hoping that his number two does better tomorrow when joe biden launches a campaign style road trip to promote gun control. his first stop is vir
in atlanta, recorded it there and came back up here with it. i was like, this is a hit. we got to do this. it's going to be viral, really. you're going to learn it this morning? >> i'm going to watch. >> yeah, exactly. will be fun to watch tony do this. >> i was hoping you were going to. >> i'll try it at the end. we want to see you all. >> let's hand it over to teri s and the beltway steppers. >> all right. ♪ teri s in the building ♪ ♪ [ rapping ] ♪ ♪
of low pressure, bringing an icy mix to cities like raleigh, atlanta, watch out for slick spots during the evening commute. as far as accumulations, 1 to 3 inches. higher along the spine of the appalachian. rob and sunny, back to you. >> thanks, jim. >>> jimmy kimmel has some act to follow. after a decade of being bumped because kimmel ran out of time for him, matt damon took over kimmel's show last night. >> he had kimmel tied the up in a chair with a gag in his mouth. hollywood a-listers were all guests. andy garcia took the place of kimmel's usual security guard and the stars kept on coming in. >> you want to be on "jimmy kimmel live?" >> is jimmy in there? >> no, jimmy is not hosting it, i am. >> yeah, of course. >> demi moore also joined in on the fun and jimmy's former girlfriend, sarah silverman. she and damon have worked before in that memorable video that we really can't say on broadcast television. >> it was very funny. i didn't realize that actually happened ten years ago you said, that matt damon was supposed to be on his show and they ran out of time with matt damon in the
you. >> thank you so much. >> it's so nice to have people in atlanta, atlanta girls. >> we wanted to meet you. touch you snopa trisha just had twins. >> i did. >> congratulations so much. >> thank you so much. thank you. >> we have to talk about bobby jindal and his comments. some republicans might say who made you the reformer? do you welcome his comments? bobby jindal's comments, amy? >> i think he's right. i think he's absolutely right. the republican party has a serious messaging problem and we need to get out in front. one thing they do is they're always playing defense. they're not proactive. and we need -- all those things he talked about the party of big, he's absolutely right. the tea party movement wants government to shrink. we want the power to be put back in the hands of the states and the people where it belongs because it's not a -- you know, one size fits all blanket policy doesn't always work. >> but the republicans bobby jindal was talking about were tea party-backed candidates and some would say he's talking about the tea party. >> well, i disagree with that. wh
all of that. karen maginnis is here. it was a false alarm here in atlanta. everyone was suited up. >> yes, we were. there were all kinds of advisories out and that's what we were expecting. a lot of that moved across kentucky and into tennessee and northern alabama and moving out fairly quickly now. as it does it is making its way into this tri-state area extreme northeastern sections of georgia and north carolina and into tennessee. kind of this area right now. they are saying some of the cars are off the roads as you head towards that asheville, north carolina, area because they have mixed precipitation and also in knoxville and oak ridge, tennessee. not just ice, frozen precipitation, but we're looking at snow in washington, d.c. and also in new york city. one to two inches of snowfall. it will be brief. it will move out. what is left behind are the very treacherous road conditions. right now there are various warnings and watches out across the southeast into the central and southern appalachians region where the ice storm warning is in effect across a good portion of kentucky
and and the natter. starts at the tank taking on the atlanta tomorrow at 1. >> this is sacramento was making a last-ditch effort to keep its nba team in town. mayor kevin johnson joined other state and local leaders to rally behind the killings saying in sacramento. a group of investors was trying to buy the kings is reportedly planning to move the team to seattle. johnson asked to respond to a report of the teams partners are being allowed to match their offer from seattle. >> from our vantage point it is competitive and we are ready to go. we have a public amides investment and we are ready to go in sacramento. >> mayor johnson says he is focusing his energy on coming up with a competitive counter offer to keep the kings in sacramento. >> watching gas prices across the bay area this morning the average price for gas of regular gas and san francisco is currently $3.68. around the bay and san jose and oakland prices are $3.59 and $3.58 today. these prices compares the state average of $3.65. many americans are delaying retirement because they need money but also because they're healthy enough to ke
is most at risk. elizabeth is live in atlanta. i just got a text for my 28-year-old cousin was a teacher in los angeles and she said she's back in urgent care. so this thing is definite is still on the rise, right? yes, this remains one of the worst flu seasons that we have seen so far. the cdc reporting a more pediatric deaths this week, bringing the total up to 37 deaths as far as pediatric cases are concerned. nationally speaking, cases are leveling off, but we are still seeing an increase in some areas. in general, new england and the midwest, we are seeing a decline in cases. but in the southwest and parts of the northwest we are seeing an increase of cases. the cdc says more than 133 million doses of the influenza vaccine have been distributed. they predict at least 145 million would be produced before the end of the season. so they are still available. that being said, some pharmacies have been running out of the vaccine but it's just a matter of doing your background check. take the time, do a little research and you will be able to still get a vaccine. arthel: is there a group t
. >> interesting story from atlanta today. where a would-be robber came face-to-face with a wheelchair bound vet. he was watching tv and heard a sound. he pulled a gun and sent the man running, making it clear he wasn't going to backdown. >> it was going to be me or him, one of us has got to go, and this is my house, my home. find something else to do besides trying to rob people because you come real close to losing your life yesterday. >> megyn: police are still looking for the attempted burglar. as for mark sikes, he's keeping his gun even closer these days. speaking of guns, a new effort is underway to ban assault weapons from some school campuses. outside of l.a. this in response to a move to arm officers in the fontana unified school district with rifles. the police chief wants his officers to be prepared if they encounter a well-armed gunman, but critics worry those weapons could fall into the wrong hands. trace gallagher, trace? >> reporter: it's a fascinating dichotomy in southern california. here in the county, congressional representatives, and board, all supporting ban on assault wea
to the weather, where it is not warm, either. even in atlanta. they are going to see mostly just a cold rain this morning, right around 34 degrees. look what's going to happen. to the north, along the front, that's where we worry about the icing. knoxville area just got an ice warning. i've seen pictures of flipped cars. it's happening. and by tonight, most of the precipitation is over. much warmer to the south of there, too. providence, 26. dallas, 64. >> lara, we have a big hello from bemaw, texas. >>> here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." online revenge. how men are targeting their ex-girlfriends. and now, how women are turning the tables on them. >>> big expectations for beyonce at the super bowl. her song list for the big game now can be revealed. >>> and sharon osbourne is here with us, live. what she has to say about her fight with gaga and so much more, as you can probably imagine. >>> all coming up live on "good morning america," here in times square. abby needs everything to throw a big party for the big game. let's see if walmart's low price guarantee can ma
is the countries oldest and largest gay-rights organization. offices in chicago, dallas, and atlanta, and we litigate around the country and to public education on lgbt and hiv-r elated rights issues. host: republican line. gloria, good morning. caller: good morning, gentlemen. thank you for taking my call to my family is six generations and the great state of california, and we have seen many changes take place, especially with regard to the issues that are on your program today. i am sure you probably know that in the 1950's, the greektown of san diego -- not san diego, san francisco, passed the ordinance to protect homosexuals from being attacked. you would go to jail if you beat someone out or when after someone and cause them harm because of their sexual preference. but we've also seen in the great state of california this issue turned into a mainly a white, very well established, male- dominated issue. the men who are gay in this state are not pork, they are not an agitated, and they -- not poor, not uneducated, and they are long on opportunity. i think the issue of not allowing peopl
this is the time to fix it cj from down in atlanta. c cj, what do you say? >> i think this is about the gun lobby. anything. he does have an a rating. as soon as anybody proposed anything on gun legislation, harry reid was already undermining it. the filibuster is going to protect him. >> yes. going to protect all of the house members who are going to vote against anything that's reasonable, anything that has any teeth at all. and this is, i am, when the gun issue came up, this was what was going to protect him. if he changed it, he would have left himself out there and he would have been punished by the gun lobby. now, he won't be. it's that simple. >> we will never have such a great opportunity. when you look for motivation, that's as good an explanation, c cj as any, that this is an issue. you know, look, we know where harry reid stands on the gun issue, which is fine. i disagree with him on that, but if he wants to vote that way but the point is, allow a vote. right? don't let the republicans use of filibuster to block every single thing from coming up to a vot
identify whether or not they have this thing. elizabeth cohen in atlanta. why is this one so nasty this time around, elizabeth? >> soledad, it is the perfect storm for this particular stomach bug. so let's go over the three things that make this one really bad. first of all this particular strain, so new, it's called the sydney 2012. first spotted in sydney just last year, we're not immune to it. our bodies haven't seen it before. it comes on full force. highly contagious. just need one or two particles of this virus to get you sick. and a lot of people get this illness, they are contagious, but symptom free. they are not sick. running around making the rest of us sick. >> so disgusting. you know how i feel about those people. elizabeth cohen, thank you. listen, she and i agree on the purell thing. >>> the southeast getting a dose of the deep freeze with snow, freezing rain and dangerous ice expected from the carolinas to tennessee. even farther south. drivers in nashville, told don't travel if you don't have to. out west, the rare sight of freezing rain forced the runways at salt
confirmation. >> i love john kerry. >> stephanie: mary in atlanta, you are on the "stephanie miller show." hi, mary. >> caller: hi, how are you doing miss stephanie. that was me i am so sorry. >> stephanie: that's all right. >> caller: i'm calling because i wanted to just make a point about -- you know perhaps we shouldn't be so quick to judge. we should be a little slower to judge with bernie sanders -- >> stephanie: do you mean harry reid or bernie sanders. >> caller: i'm sorry harry reid. i'm sorry. because he is seasoned. he knows what he is doing, and he looks at the big picture and he looks at it in the long run, and with all of these republican controlled houses in various states that, you know, would normally vote for a democratic president, if they get a chance to gerrymander and get control, then those votes no matter what the popular vote is it goes towards the republicans. >> stephanie: yeah we'll talk about what they are up to with that as we continue fridays with fugelsang on the "stephanie miller show." >> current's award winning original series is back with a
of tennessee, kentucky. atlanta, georgia as well later on today. there are your ice storm warnings in the deep purpose tell -- purple. there. we could see half a inch of glaze on the roadways as well as the power lines. that could be very, very dangerous and treacherous. please be extra careful. a quick look where the pink will go across the carolinas up towards the virginias. it will mainly be a snow event north of that. unfortunately for folks that wanted the snow in new york city, not too much. we're not getting too much. martha: when is that going to happen? >> i don't know, martha. i don't know why my camera keeps moving. i'm getting seasick. my apologies. martha: you complimented the previous noaa camera move. not so one on the one that came after that. talk to you soon. great report. bill: one more thing on manti, not to obsess, we don't know when the phone recordings were made. are they old? were they recent? were this after the hoax was blown? martha: a lot of questions here. got a panel coming up. bill: more bad news for boeing's high-profile dreamliner. details what is keeping the f
difficulties as far as the air ways are concerned, delays are expected now atlanta, new york, charlotte. but also for san francisco. victor, back to you. >> toby apparently is the only one having fun here. karen maginnis, thank you so much. >>> president obama named one of his closest friends and advisers as his white house chief of staff today. mr. obama says denis mcdonough is a man of integrity, who will speak his mind. now, mcdonough will replace jack lew, the obama nominee for treasury secretary. hours ago, the president heaped praise on mcdonough over and over, even told a few jokes during this announcement. >> now, don't get me wrong, denis can be tough. it probably comes from being one of 11 children. you've got to be tough. two of his sisters are here today, by the way, mary and anna and i know they -- they're beaming. they could not be more proud of their brother. maybe it comes from his college football days as defensive back under the legendary john gallardi. i always teased denis that, you know, he made up for modest talents with extraordinary dedication and a high threshol
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